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Storage Going Green

Although global warming is an unfortunate turn of events, you have to admit that the news about it and “green trend” it started worldwide has down wonders for our planet. Regardless of the debate whether the cause of global warming is from humans or not, going green is only helping the planet anyway. What’s awesome […]

Removing Junk the Green Way

Do you have a lot of junk in your home that you want to get rid of, but don’t know how? Don’t worry, hundreds of thousands of people have the same exact problem you do and we found a solution. What you need to do is separate your recyclable junk from your regular trash that […]


Methane Powered Cars vs. Regular Cars

Imagine driving in your car with no worries over your carbon footprint – cruising with cleaner emissions and without the rapid corrosion of engine parts. You basically get a diesel-like mileage with less guilt over polluting the environment. This is, of course, all possible and is even gaining attention in some parts of the world […]

Promoting Sustainable Healthcare

HealthcareThe setup of the Canadian health care system results in waste that contributes to global warming and pollutes the environment.

Consider this scenario: if your knee hurts, you call the doctor and make an appointment. You drive to their office and they ask you some questions and maybe do some simple tests. They then decide to take an x-ray and do blood tests which are located in another facility. You drive to that office for tests and then go home. Continue Reading

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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprintYour carbon footprint refers to the amount of greenhouse gases that result from your normal everyday activities. Things like driving your car, heating your house, and using electricity all result in an increase in greenhouse gasses thus increasing your carbon footprint. Fortunately, there are a number of simple actions you can take today to quickly reduce your carbon footprint without impacting your quality of life.

1) Maintain Your Car

The easiest thing you can do make your car more efficient is ensure your tires are properly inflated. Continue Reading

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My Goals for 2014

man in suit with charts and a 2014 calendar


It’s December! A month dedicated to family, coming together, snow (for the Northern Hemispherians), and planning for the year ahead. I always make it an effort to plan for the year ahead by rethinking what I accomplished in the current year first. I tend to just make a quick list while I’m thinking in solitude for a time of reflection. Then I begin to think about what I want to do and where I want to be at the end of next year. I ask myself, “what will I need to do next year to feel accomplished?” I think this is a great exercise for you to do every December to make sure that you just get stuff done and make positive changes in your life. Here is what I’ve come up with for myself for 2014.


1) Buy an Electric Car


There are more and more cars coming out now today that are hybrids and full electric vehicles that not only are good for the environment, but are also much less expensive to maintain (gas), and more more quit to drive. I’ve been looking at a few different cars including some BMW hybrids, but I think I’ve made my choice. I want to buy a Tesla Model S. They are really something and I was amazed when I test drove one how awesome they were. It really blows my mind when you think about it. How did Tesla, a company whose only made one model before the Model S somehow beat every other electric car manufacturer on the planet that has been around for over half a decade? I don’t know how, but they did and they did marvelously. It’s going to be an expensive car, but it just may be the last new car I ever buy again.


2) Fix My Nose


All my life, I had a really big nose and I suffered from nasal blockage. It was too minor to do anything about it when I was younger, but enough to slightly irritate me. I decided that 2014 was the year that I just take care of this and get a nose reduction. It is superficial I know, but I think at my age, I deserve to do whatever I want (haha!). I found a great cosmetic surgeon Orange County who has a lot of experience with this procedure.


3) Get My Moles Checked


Another thing I had all my life were numerous moles on my back that have always worried my parents. I don’t recall ever getting a severe sunburn on my back, but nevertheless, I have a quite a few moles on my back. I found a dermatologist Swedesboro who has experience with analyzing moles for skin cancer and I think it’s time I just take care of this. I really hate going to the doctor for anything, because it gets more and more frightening as I get older. However, I realized that the number one important thing in life is our health so I’m going to make sure to do that.


What are your goals for 2014? Leave a comment below.

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Storage Going Green

metal storage shedAlthough global warming is an unfortunate turn of events, you have to admit that the news about it and “green trend” it started worldwide has down wonders for our planet. Regardless of the debate whether the cause of global warming is from humans or not, going green is only helping the planet anyway. What’s awesome about it as well is how many companies are adapting the “go green mantra” and creating their products from recycled trash, showing off their limited energy use in their factory, and producing low energy consumption electronics. Whether it was the green mantra that inspired these companies or if it is there new marketing angle just to pull in more sales does not matter, because the end results is the same and the planet wins.

What I love seeing is companies becoming the first “green company” in their industry. People never think about how certain industries go green, but innovation stirs their creativity and they make it happen. A great example of this is self storage. You think, “how can a storage company go green?” Well, for quickportablestorage.com, they make their portable storage units from recycled materials. They figured out to make these units even cheaper than traditional storage units while also being green. A win-win for the company’s profits, the people’s pockets, and the planet’s health. Here is what they have to say about their new green portable storage units.

“Quick Portable Storage’s recycled portable storage units are the first of it’s kind of the portable storage industry. We are proud of the product our people created and are extremely excited to share it with you all as our new primary storage unit. Our brilliant team have managed to figure out how to produce these units with 100% recycled material at cost cheaper than your traditional units. Not only are they cheaper to make, but they are also just as sturdy and secure as traditional wooden storage units. This is a huge milestone for Quick Portable Storage and one of our greatest achievements in our history.”

These portable storage units are perfect for an extra “room” out in the backyard. What’s interesting is that not everyone is using them for storage. Some people put their junk in them and other convert them to an office, art studio, or even an extra bedroom. Although the units tend to be small, you can order them in any size you like. Custom orders do cost more, but are definitely possible with a little bit of lead time. It’s easy to install windows in them thanks to their modular design, which means you can build it in pieces. They provide specialty parts for windows and even sliding glass doors for large entrances. Instead of building onto your house, a portable storage unit is a much more inexpensive option.

The possibilities are endless with Quick Portable Storage’s products. If you are looking for more storage space in your home or you are finding yourself wishing you had an other room for extra activities, consider getting a green portable storage unit. They’re a thing now.

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Removing Junk the Green Way

recycleDo you have a lot of junk in your home that you want to get rid of, but don’t know how? Don’t worry, hundreds of thousands of people have the same exact problem you do and we found a solution. What you need to do is separate your recyclable junk from your regular trash that you can’t recycle. Once you have your two piles separated, there is an easy solution to get rid of your junk the green way – the only way we know how. Fortunately, there are many green junk removal companies out there who can take recycled goods instead of just throwing everything into the junk yard.

The first think you need to do is gather your junk. It is best to put it outside for the day and separate them into two piles. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do with regular trash, but that’s okay. Hopefully, you have more recyclables than regular trash. If you find out you don’t, you’re most likely throwing things away int he dump that actually recyclable. Believe it or not, not everything recyclable is marked with the recyclable symbol so make sure to manually go through each piece of trash before throwing into the trash pile for good.

The next thing you need to do is go ahead and call a dumpster company who can lend you one of their dumpsters. You can find a dumpster rental company from Dependable Dumpster Rental. They will provide you a list of local companies who offer dumpster rentals. You will need to call each one however to find out if they offer a recyclable dumpster rental. If they say they don’t then don’t use their service because they will toss your recyclables into the trash throwing away valuable and useful resources. That’s not green! Once you find a company, they will deliver the dumpster to your driveway (that’s why we recommended putting your trash outside in the front of your house). You will be able to fill your dumpster with all your recyclable trash and they can pick it up either the next day or a scheduled date that you give them. Then they will come pick it up and take care of it for you for a simple fee. Using this service will not give you money from your recyclables, however.

Now that your recyclables are gone, you might be asking what are you going to do with your trash? You might actually be surprised how little trash you have left after sorting out the recyclables. If that’s the case, we do not recommend getting a second dumpster for your trash. If it can all fit in a few trash bags, we recommend just taking it out with your normal trash. If it still doesn’t all fit, it’s okay to leave a bag or three until the next trash day (if it all fits). If you find yourself having about ten bags of trash, then it may be wise to just get a second dumpster for trash, but it will cost you extra money. What are some trash and junk removal strategies you use?

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How to Be a Fuel-Efficient Driver

fuel efficient carsDriving is something many people have to do on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to overspend on gas. Filling up the tank when prices are low is a great strategy for saving money, but it’s smarter to focus on how to waste less fuel. Here are some ways to maintain optimal fuel-efficiency while out on the road.

> Make sure tires are fully inflated
Under-inflated tires aren’t only dangerous, they also make a vehicle burn through more fuel. The idea is to minimize a tire’s surface contact with the ground so that there’s less friction, and so the engine won’t have to do more work to get or keep the car in motion. Flat tires definitely won’t help. Before pulling out of the driveway, do a quick visual check of the tires to see if anything looks suspect. If so, always fill it up to manufacturer’s pressure ratings.

> Don’t drive so fast
Speeding consumes more fuel than driving at lower velocities. When traveling at higher speeds, speeding will use up fuel even more rapidly. It can also easily cause drivers to lose control and crash to their deaths. Slow down to avoid both consequences.

> Keep unnecessary junk out of the car
It takes work and burns fuel for an engine to propel a car. The heavier the car, the more fuel it will require for acceleration. To waste less gas, remove anything that doesn’t need to be stored in the car when driving. Clutter in the trunk and backseat will only weigh it down. The car is not a closet or storage shed, so keep it nice and tidy.

> Strive for smooth sailing
Believe it or not, personal driving style has a huge effect on fuel efficiency. Those who speed excessively, brake abruptly, or accelerate frequently are begging for their fuel tanks to drain faster. Try to drive strategically by planning every move ahead of time so that there are no sudden starts or stops. Going with the flow of traffic is the best way to avoid unnecessary fuel expenditure.

> Switch off the engine when not in motion
Some people believe that turning the engine on and off will waste a lot of gas, but that’s hardly the truth. What depletes fuel much more quickly is leaving the car on when it’s stationary. If a driver plans on remaining in one place for more than two minutes, it’s much wiser to shut down the generator.

> Keep windows closed at higher speeds
Wind resistance can reduce fuel-efficiency–and moreso at higher speeds. When traveling on freeways, try to keep windows closed to remain as aerodynamic as possible.

> Use AC sparingly
Air conditioning really takes a toll on fuel-efficiency. When it gets too hot, open the windows instead. Only use AC if the heat is still unbearable with windows down.

> Keep the car well-maintained overall
To keep a vehicle functioning at its best, make sure to do regular maintenance on it. Everything from oil filter replacements and steering alignments to tire inflations and brake pad swaps should be done according to a recommended schedule. Many factors can cause a decrease in fuel efficiency, so keeping the car in tip-top shape is the safest way to avoid wasting gas.


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Why You Should Trade in Your Old Hummer for a New Vehicle

hummer h2Hummers are terrible for the environment. Sure, they have a cool look, and the Hummer brand brings with it an undeniable reputation. But if one of your values is to preserve and to keep the earth we live on a clean place, then you probably don’t want to drive a Hummer. Infact, there are may reasons you should not drive a Hummer.

Hummer’s Eat Up a Ridiculous Amount of Gas

I have never seen a vehicle with a gas mileage as bad as the Hummer. Some of Hummer’s worst offending models do a paltry 9 miles per gallon in the city and only 12 miles per gallon in the highway.

Did you know that the first car ever mass-produced, the Model T Ford, had a gas mileage of around 18 mpg? That’s nearly double what you see from the Hummer! It’s pretty sad when the newer vehicles sacrifice gas mileage just to look “cool” and to “make a statement”.

As the price of gas continues to rise, “looking cool” can really drain your wallet. If you have nothing against over consumption of fossil fuels, then at least think about the big drain on your wallet from constant visits to the gas station.

Hummers Leave Customers with Very Low Customer Satisfaction

Customers are widely unhappy with the purchase of their Hummer. In a recent survey, car owners ranked Hummer as the top vehicle, either foreign or domestic, when it comes to total number of complaints against it! That’s terrible! Who wants to be known as the “Most Complained About”?

For every 100 new vehicles produced, there are double that many problems reported at around 200 problems reported. And what’s the average for other vehicles? 133 complaints per 100 vehicles produced.

So not only is it expensive to look cool, it looks like you also have to put up with a lot of problems as well.

Over Consumption of Oil Leads to Worldwide Problems

By now, we all know how terrible the Hummer’s gas mileage is. But it doesn’t just hurt our own individual pocket books, the over consumption of oil affects the entire world.

The United States if the #1 consumer of oil. But oil is such a scarce resource. The competition for scarce resources has historically led to war. The World Bank has done a study and reported that oil exporting countries are 40 more times likely to be involved in some kind of war than a country that does not export any oil at all.

That just makes you think about the wars the United States has had in the early 2000s. Particularly the war in Iraq.

In a shocking study, the EPA has concluded that if the country’s vehicles improved by just 3 miles per gallon overall, then the United States could save over 1 million barrels of oil per DAY. When consumers continue to buy gas guzzling vehicles like the Hummer, that continues to feed the war-inducing demand for oil that has caused so much suffering today.

So if you have a Hummer, you should be aware that you can get cash for junk cars at http://www.boomsold.com. Get cash for your Hummer, then use it to purchase a more fuel efficient vehicle. It will save your wallet and the worldwide overconsumption of oil.

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Methane Powered Cars vs. Regular Cars

car2-300x200Imagine driving in your car with no worries over your carbon footprint – cruising with cleaner emissions and without the rapid corrosion of engine parts. You basically get a diesel-like mileage with less guilt over polluting the environment. This is, of course, all possible and is even gaining attention in some parts of the world since biogas powered cars or methane powered cars are slowly making themselves known.

Methane is a chemical compound and is the main component of natural gas. It is naturally occurring and practically overabundant in the environment thereby making it an attractive alternate fuel source. Hence, methane powered car runs on more sustainable energy source.

However, the question remains, which is better – a methane powered car or the fossil fuel variety? Below is a comparison of the differences between the two:

  • Production/Extraction

Fossil fuel is made up of decayed matter that took millions of years to produce. It is generally extracted underground by drilling and through the creation of oil wells. Upon conversion to crude oil, it is considered the most widely used fuel source to power motor vehicles. However, given the extent and complexity in which technology is used to extract this fuel source from the ground or even underwater, the cost to produce a barrel of crude oil becomes expensive.

As previously mentioned, methane is likewise naturally occurring. Production ranges from drilling a hole in the ground to harvesting the gas from waste – human and animal alike. Given the production alternatives, there is obviously less cost involved in this instance for methane powered cars.

  • Commercial Cost

There are only certain geological locations where fossil fuel is abundant and more accessible for extraction. Even if there are other countries that have copious amounts of the stuff, mining for deeply buried fossil fuel could get very expensive, add the fact that oil wells eventually run dry. Likewise, fossil fuel needs to be converted to crude oil in order to be usable for motor vehicles. All of these play a significant role in driving the cost of the refined product.

On the other hand, as previously discussed, methane’s easy accessibility makes it the viable candidate as an alternative fuel source. A methane powered car can essentially run at less cost per liter. Moreover, methane is less corrosive than crude oil hence the methane powered variety would usually show the same mileage as diesel vehicles.

  • Environmental Impact

Discussion over environmental impact goes beyond the extraction and production process for both fuel types. Instead, the focus will be on the effect of the fuels after they have been subjected to the internal combustion common to cars that utilize their power to run.

For cars that run on crude oil, there are many studies that have pointed out its detrimental impact on the environment. This includes global warming, air quality deterioration, oil spills, and acid rain. Scientists have long since raised the alarm over continued dependence on fossil fuel as an energy source.

On the other hand, methane use to power car engines have been backed by studies that say it is comparatively safer to use and leaves less carbon footprint on the environment. Do not be surprised if methane powered cars and other alternative sources of fuel become the thing of the future.

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Helping Reduce the Greenhouse Effect

Helping Reduce the Greenhouse EffectThe greenhouse effect, contrary to common knowledge is not at all bad. It’s involves the process of balancing the heat from the sun and the infrared light that’s released from the earth. The greenhouse gases and the clouds play an important role in regulating the climate to provide an atmosphere that can sustain all life forms. The problem that most people are acquainted with involves the additional gases that are released to the atmosphere as a result of human activity. This creates a more intense greenhouse effect and causes the atmosphere to become warmer.

Organizations and different government agencies are now working together to reduce carbon footprint in the hope of minimizing the greenhouse gases from man-made sources. Projects that are geared towards saving the forests and finding alternative solutions for varied human activities are also being done. A lot of people can take small steps to minimize the gas emissions and decrease the dependence on petroleum and also save money.

One of the most prevalent sources of gas emission comes from the use of cars. This is one machine that most people can’t live without. But there are still measures that you can take to minimize its harmful effects to the atmosphere. If you are thinking of getting a new or secondhand car, choose the one with the highest fuel efficiency. Stick to environment friendly options by checking out the details of the features of different vehicles. Most cars now come with gasoline vehicle label which indicates its fuel usage and environmental rating. There are new models now that make use of the latest technology, like electric cars which has less emission than fueled models.

If you’re sticking with your old car, make sure that you drive wisely. This entails a shift in your driving style to maximize fuel efficiency. Apply a light pressure on the brakes and gas pedal and accelerate smoothly. Your idling time should be limited to thirty seconds and remove unnecessary things in your car trunk. Observe periodic maintenance checks to ensure that your car engine is clean which means less greenhouse gas emissions.

However, there are a number of ways to get around without driving. If you live in a city spend some time getting to know the public transportation system. While taking the bus or train is not usually as fast as driving it’s a lot cheaper and you never have to worry about parking. Public transportation uses a fraction of the fossil fuels that cars use and is great for the environment.

Or you could bike. Not only is biking a clean way to travel but it’s zero emission. And there’s the added benefit of being great exercise and a cheap way to get around town.

While there are definitely instances where travelling by car is a must if we start investing in low emission vehicles and looking for alternative modes of transportation we’ll start to reduce the effect of greenhouse gasses and create a cleaner more stable environment.

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Doing your Part to Protect the Environment

Doing your Part to Protect the EnvironmentA lot of the things that people do contributes to the accumulation of gases in the atmosphere. From the light bulbs that are used in our homes to driving a car, these seemingly simple acts all result in an increase of harmful has emissions. The release of CO2 into the atmosphere is what’s known as the greenhouse effect. While our planet maintains this effect in a natural order to keep our climate warm and fit for living, the increasing volume of carbon dioxide in the air that is brought about by the use of fossil fuels may have a warming effect on the entire planet.

The change in temperature takes decades to happen but it affects people, plants, animals and all life forms. And because it involves every human and country on earth, finding a solution is quite difficult. Fortunately, there are steps we can all take individually to reduce the harmful effects of greenhouses regardless of government policies or actions. There are also a number of advocacy groups who have made it their objective to increase people’s awareness of this pressing issue.

Some of the steps that can be taken to guard the environment and care for the climate include:

• Switch your regular lights at home with energy star® products. These are products that have been developed by the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as energy efficient and practical alternatives to enjoin everyone in be part of the efforts to minimize the damage to the climate and the environment. Not only will fluorescent energy star® lights use less energy than conventional bulbs, they also last up to 5 times longer making them well worth the cost. Just imagine 5 less trips up the ladder to change the bulb in you living room!

• If are buying appliances and for your home, look for the Energy Star ® seal. This has been incorporated in the production of a lot of products for the home including major appliances, lights, electronics, and heating and cooling machines.

• Do regular checking and observe proper maintenance of your appliances especially the heating and cooling machines. This equipment will benefit a lot from regular cleaning and help optimize their function which will provide electricity savings.

• Make sure that your home is properly sealed so that hot and cold air would not escape through loose fittings and leaks. Consult with a professional to get the job done right and to ensure that home is made as comfortable as possible. Double pane windows do an amazing job of keeping warm air in when it’s cold outside and out when it’s hot. In fact, properly insulating our homes is one of the best and easiest things we can do to lower electricity cost and greenhouse emissions.

• Observe the three R’s of environmental support: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This campaign can effectively bring down energy costs and can minimize the pollution in the environment. Technologies have gotten to the point where we’ll soon start recycling more than we throw away.

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Different Causes of Climate Change

Different Causes of Climate ChangeBy definition, climate change is an alteration in weather patterns that happens over long periods of time. It may involve minor variations in the condition of the weather such as the increase or decrease in the amount of rainfall or in extreme conditions, the occurrence of an extraordinary event such as the global warming effect. Global warming causes not only an increase in the earth’s temperature but the likelihood of extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, acid rain, and tornadoes.

While scientists help us better understand why these events happen, it’s impossible to predict when certain events will happen. This is because the major methods of analysis involve the study and observation of models such as ice core, growth records of flora and fauna and measurement of the sea levels over long stretches of time. Some of the factors that can bring about changes in the weather include the level of radiation that’s given off by the sun, slight changes in the Earth’s orbit, the process by which mountains are formed, and the movement of the continents across the ocean floor.

The effects of these factors on different climate components are different. Some like the ocean take time to respond while other effects are more immediate, like the dimming and cooling of the environment brought about by volcanic ash in the atmosphere. The temperature change is caused by the airborne ash reflecting the light from the sun. One of the easiest to measure effects of greenhouse gasses is the melting of icebergs near the poles. Each year more and more ice melts and is not replaced during the winter.

Melting icebergs cause sea levels to climb which can having devastating effects on coastal communities. In fact, the nation of Nauru, located in the south Pacific, expects to be completely covered in water within the next 30 years. The small nation’s government is developing evacuation plans for it’s citizens.

One scenario related to climate change that’s been widely known the world over is the greenhouse effect which is caused by the build-up of gas emissions over a period of time. The unfortunate fact is that some of the sources of these emissions are made-made Carbon Dioxide for instance, is given off whenever fuel is burned in activities like driving cars and heating homes and buildings.

The harmful effect of fossil fuels is exactly why we need to start investing in low emission green technologies. Solar, wind, and geothermal technologies will be used to heat or home, power our electronics, and power our cars in the future. The only question is how long we must wait before these power sources are available. The longer we avoid the reality of global warming and continue burning fossil fuels the more damage the world will endure.

Governments in the first world need to take the lead in researching and developing clean technologies than can be shared with developing countries. It’s currently much cheaper to burn fossil fuels than to produce solar power so we need to do our best to bring the cost down and make clean tech a viable option for everybody.

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Making the Most of an Underwater Experience

Making the Most of an Underwater ExperienceThere is a place that some people only see in pictures or captured on video. It’s an exciting environment that’s full of life and color that one simply can’t help being captured by its beauty. The underwater world is teeming with life of every kind and only those who have trained in scuba diving are given the privilege to experience this amazing adventure.

It’s a world that’s full of promise for those who are properly trained to adapt to the unique environment of the seas and oceans. Swimming underwater is often likened to floating on air. Since gravity is altered, you’ll experience a weightless feeling as you explore the world around you. Some may think that it’s pretty straightforward because there is nothing else to do but look around you. But you’ll be surprised at the diversity that will greet you under the sea.

There are basic safety rules that are enforced in diving  which are regularly mentioned in scuba diving blogs and if you follow and keep these close to your heart, you will enjoy every dive that you’ll take:

  • Have proper training. This is a must to ensure a safe dive. Taking a certified course in scuba diving is advisable to get an overview of the sport. After finishing the course make sure that you stick to diving activities that are within your level of training. Do not experiment with other forms of diving that are beyond your capacity. The listing of certified training programs is usually posted at a dive shop directory because the information can come in handy both for beginners and seasoned divers.
  • Before diving, make sure that all your equipment is complete and is in good working order. This is easier to monitor if you are using your own set. If you are just renting make sure that they try out the regulator so you’re sure that it’s working properly. You can also do a quick check of the hoses for any defects. 
  • Breathe properly by doing it in a slow and calm manner. There are techniques and guidelines in breathing that you have to observe when diving. This is discussed at length during your training and it is important that you understand the value of this info especially during your ascent because you can endanger yourself. Rushing to the surface is a sure way to harm yourself.
  • Never dive alone. This is a cardinal rule in diving. You should always do the activity with a buddy. Make sure that you keep an eye out for your buddy to avoid accidents or mishaps. And if anything goes wrong while you are still underwater, remain calm and make an effort to relax, breath properly, think of what you’re going to do and act it out. Hard as it sounds, never let panic overtake you.
  • Another important lesson during your training is to plan your dive. Decide how far you’re going with your buddy, how long you’re going to stay down and the level of air that you require for the dive. Review your hand signals to make sure that you both understand and interpret it the same way.

Most scuba divers will tell you that one of diving’s greatest thrill is not knowing what you are going to encounter on your trip under the sea. You never know when an eel or a shark will show up at the same time that you are there. And it does not matter if you’re just going to a local dive spot or somewhere exotic like diving in Australia, because the sense of anticipation remains the same. 

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